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Below Grade Waterproofing > Lagging/Shoring Wall

Epro System III
Epro System III lagging wall, install Ecodrain E-note 8' tall rolls, less seams, faster installation

Ecodrain E
Ecodrain E seamed with polyester fabric and sprayed with Ecoline S 60 mils thick

Ecoline S
Ecoline S tested for proper mil thickness

Walls and under slab
Walls and under slab being completed in the same day

All penetrations detailed
All penetrations detailed before main coat is applied

Ecoshield P
Ecoshield P being installed over Ecoline S

Ecoshield PP
Ecoshield PP protection course installed and rebar being installed

Drain board being installed
Drain board being installed over lagging

CETCO Ultraseal
First lift, CETCO Ultraseal being installed

Ultraseal SP
Ultraseal SP over lapped at seams to continue installation up the wall

Final lift
Final lift ready for installation

Typical lagging wall project
Typical lagging wall project

CETCO Voltex
CETCO Voltex being installed in upper section of lagging wall

Bottom drain will drain water to sump pit
Bottom drain will drain water to sump pit