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Epro System III foundation waterproofing for living space

Epro provides a redundant waterproofing system for the structure

Project ready to continue

Ecoshield 10 protecting footing

Drain board installed to top of wall

CETCO Swelltite installed on below grade living space walls

Swelltite being installed in lifts

French drain being installed

Volclay Seamtape, M2000, CETCO recommended flashing material installed at Swelltite termination

Installer at top of wall holding plastic at grade line to ensure waterproofing stops at grade line

60 mil spray applied membrane over roller grade & mesh detail-note clean line at grade

Primer and JS500 installed at cold joints

Prime entire wall and install Jiffy Seal 140/60 membrane

Working from the roll, make sure membrane is fully adhered to footing wall connection, roll membrane onto footing 6 inches and cut

Remove “Zip Strip”, overlap next sheet 2 1/2 inches, you will then have a sticky to sticky membrane seam

JS160 mastic installed on top and bottom ending edges-remove face film and bond drain board to face of membrane

Adhere fabric flaps on drain board shut to prevent root and dirt intrusion

First lift of Epro System III being installed on parking structure walls

Walls being back filled and compacted, ready for second lift

Base drain installed at base of wall

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